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Rachel Blanchard

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Rachel Blanchard

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Rachel Blanchard Profile

Rachel Elise Blanchard (born 19 March 1976 in Toronto, Canada) is a Canadian actress. Her career was launched with a part in a McDonald's commercial. Blanchard is probably best known for playing the part of Cher Horowitz (originally portrayed by Alicia Silverstone) on the TV version of the 1995 movie Clueless. Her looks are similar to those of other blonde actresses with whom she might be confused, Maggie Lawson and Sara Paxton.

The brave step of performing in a British sitcom paid off in 2004, when she received critical acclaim for her performance in the award-winning second series of Peep Show.

Chris Cross (Dinah McGee) 1993
Clueless television series (Cher Horowitz) 1996
War of the Worlds (television) (Debi)
Road Trip (Tiffany Henderson) 2000
Young Ivanhoe
Iron Eagle IV
Wild Dogs (2002)
7th Heaven US television series (Roxanne Richardson) 2002-2004
Peep Show UK Television Comedy 2004

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