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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Second Life Poll

More than half of Australia's Second Life inhabitants make themselves look better in the virtual world. A poll has found more than one in five change their skin colour and one in three believe their level of morality would be different. The poll found that in cyberspace, 28 per cent of Australian Second Life residents made themselves look younger than they do in the real world.
Residents of Second Life can carry out everyday activities, but many use the virtual world to escape reality.

Of Aussie Second Lifers, 15 per cent said they wanted to escape their own lives. More than 10 per cent said Second Life interfered with their real social life, the GMI poll of 7842 people found. It found 351 were already Second Lifers, while 654 were keen to enter the virtual world. Monash University psychology and virtual reality expert Dr Mark Symmons said people had lied about their appearance on the internet for a long time, but in Second Life people could actually look different.

"It provides the opportunity for people to make changes without having surgery." "It is positive for people ... to try out a new personality or even a new hair style."


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