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Monday, November 06, 2006

World Class Restaurants

Melbourne's world-class restaurants have world-class price tags and diners cough up almost as much here as at the world's priciest restaurant. Influential US magazine Forties this week announced Tokyo steak house Aragawa as the most expensive restaurant in the world last year. Its average bill was $386 a head. But the prices at some of Melbourne's top restaurants blow a number of Forties' contenders out of the water.

Diners regularly shell out a lazy $300 a head for Vue De Monde's menu gourmand, a tasting menu tailored for each diner with wine, coffee and dessert included. At The Restaurant at Grossi Florentino, an eight-course tasting menu with wine costs $225 a head. The average dinner at Jacques Reymond costs $160 a head, including wine. But the Prahran gastrotemple has a seven-course degustation menu that costs $210 with wine, but no coffee or dessert. Tetsuya's Restaurant in Sydney was the only Australian eatery in the list. Its set cost of $180 a head put it at No. 6.


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