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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Divorce Solution

The bonds of marriage should be reinforced with satin, lace and a truckload of federal government cash, a Melbourne fashion retailer says. Gail Lee, managing director of Leethal Fashion Accessories, has called for the Federal Government to subsidise half the cost of sexy lingerie to keep the zing in Australian marriages. With about 40 per cent of Australian marriages ending in divorce, Lee said a woman wearing sexy lingerie would spice up a flagging marriage and dissuade wayward partners from straying.

"Financial difficulties have many marriages under pressure and, if there are arguments and problems, they can exacerbate the situation," Lee said. "We need something to help people overcome these traumatic problems, and subsidised lingerie would mean women and their hubbies would feel a lot better. "If a woman looks attractive and feels attractive ... every little bit helps. "But good lingerie is very expensive. Individual items can cost $50 to $100."

Lee said the subsidy could easily be introduced with minor changes to the Tax Act, or by making lingerie purchases tax deductible. She said she would be prepared to make a personal plea to Prime Minister John Howard and Treasurer Peter Costello to launch the subsidy in the national interest. "I'll give it a go, absolutely. Any man would see the value in it," she said. Leethal Fashion Accessories does not sell lingerie, Lee said. She was motivated only to see the divorce rate lowered, she said.


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