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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coca Cola Bad For Female Bones

Women who want to keep their bones strong should minimise their cola consumption, a new study suggests. In a study of more than 2500 adults, Dr Katherine L. Tucker of Tufts University in Boston and colleagues found women who consumed cola daily had lower bone mineral density in their hips than those who drank less than one serving of cola a month.

"Because BMD is strongly linked with fracture risk and cola is a popular beverage this is of considerable public health importance," they wrote in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Previous studies in teen girls have tied heavy soft drink consumption to fractures and lower BMD, but it is not clear if this is because they're drinking less milk or if it is due to any harmful effects of soft drink itself.

Coca Cola

While there was no association between soft drinks in general and BMD, the researchers found that women who drank the most cola had significantly less dense bones in their hips. The greater their intake, the thinner the bones. The relationship was seen for diet, regular and decaffeinated colas. Cola consumption had no effect on BMD in men.


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