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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cannabliss Relief

A grey-power chorus has joined calls by the Country Women's Association for hash cookies with afternoon tea. Doilies and dope belong together when relief from pain is needed, a national seniors' lobby said today. The bush hooch push deserved support, Grey Power public officer Doug Ashworth said, because every pain killing option should be available to people suffering chronic and terminal conditions. He said legalising medicinal cannabis use would also spare senior citizens sneaking out of view for a joint. "You don't hear about it but I've no doubt that it's like euthanasia - plenty of it goes on; it's very much behind closed doors," he said. "For medicinal purposes, why not?"

Marijuana Relief

The national convention of the Country Women's Asso¬ciation recently voted to lobby governments to assist cannabis trials for pain relief in the chronically and terminally ill. National president Lesley Young, who had never inhaled, said many members were dealing with chronically and terminally ill people and wanted access to help. "It's a very serious issue for the terminally ill," she said. Despite the backing of many groups, including the Salvation Army and Australian Drug Foundation for the CWA push, long-term campaigners today warned of the dangers of "overblowing" the positive effects of cannabis.

"Anecdotal stories and ad hoc experimentation with cannabis should be rejected as it is dangerous and irres¬ponsible to give false hope to the seriously ill," said Michael Robinson, Australian delegate to Drug Watch International. Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Health Christopher Pyne said the Howard government had given the go-ahead for cannabis trials in NSW.


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